Handmade Grinch Art Doll

Handmade Grinch Art Doll


This is a custom, handmade art doll of the Grinch up for preorder.  He stands at 21" tall and is fully posable, including fingers!  Made from wire armature, his internal structure allows for dynamic posing and durability.  The Grinch is covered in shaggy, olive green faux fur, and he has a handsculpted polymer clay face with custom glass eyes.


Item will be available for shipping 4-6 weeks after initial order.  A 50% non-refundable deposit (NRD) will be required at time of order, remainder to be paid at time of product completion.  This is NOT an officially licensed product, this is a OOAK art doll.  Doll is NOT intended for children or to be overly played with.  This is an adult collectible, ages 18-up. Contact artist here for full details before ordering.


*Book not included

  • Returns/Refunds

    Since this is a handmade, special order item returns or refunds will not be accepted after completion of sale.  50% is due upon ordering, and customer has 5 business days to opt out of the purchase and will receive a refund of 50% of the deposit. In the event of cancelation after 5 business days customer will forefit 100% of deposit and will NOT be required to pay the remaining balance of the item.

  • Handling and Care

    This is a handmade art piece and should not be used for rough play or intended for children.  To care for your Grinch, gently comb his fur with a standard comb taking care to not snag the comb in the fur.  Some fur will come out after a light combing, but this is normal. Do not display around open flames, in smoky environments or in direct sunlight.  Do not wash, only spot clean areas with a baby wipe as necessary.  With any questions regarding damage please contact the artist directly through the contact page